Subscription marketing. Supercharged.

Framewürk gives marketers the power and flexibility
to think big and adapt quickly. With an innovative
products builder, next-generation editor, a host of
orchestration features and lightning-fast performance,
it’s the ultimate tool for the ambitious marketer.

  • Products
    for configuring intelligent, targeted subscription offers.
  • Editor
    for crafting high-performing pages, popups and much more.
  • Automation
    to deliver the right experience at the right time, every time.
  • Personalisation
    for providing personalised customer experiences at scale.
  • Segmentation
    to power more effective targeting and personalisation.
  • Integrations
    — connect Framewürk to any system or tool in your stack.

Products Built for the best.

Our innovative products builder was purpose-built to satisfy the needs and ambitions of the best in the business. It provides complete control over product presentation for fast and effective testing (and keeping the brand team happy) while making the configuration and management of complex pricing logics a doddle thanks to an ingenious modular approach. And it’s impressive abilities can be put to work across all your channels. So no matter where you engage your customers, you can maximise conversions.

Products Combine content and pricing with design to create an individual product that can either be deployed into your Framewürk-hosted pages and elements or integrated with your external channels.

Key features:

  • Pricing Manager Configure complex pricing logics with ease, including billing frequency, term, discounts and currency.
  • Pricing API & Import Integrate Framewürk with your pricing management systems or import your data.
  • Content Manager Tailor and target product content, from headings to packshots, based on the user’s location, language and much more.
  • Cross Channel Deployment Effortlessly deploy products into your Framewürk-hosted pages and elements, or integrate with your external channels.

Editor On-brand and on-time.
Every time.

Framewürk’s next-generation editor is the result of years of R&D, focussed on finding the optimal balance between customisability, control and efficiency. And the result is spectacular. Build responsive layouts and fine-tune for every device and screen size. Quickly fill with content, products and functionality, all seamlessly aligned with your brand. And create presets from your creations for even faster future working. So whether you’re creating a landing page for a campaign or a popup for an app, you’ll deliver it on-brand and on-time, every time.

Key features:

  • Responsive Layout Builder Leverage the power of responsive mobile-first development. Build responsive layouts, meticulously tailored for every device and screen size.
  • Personalised Plugin Library From headings to buttons, forms to products, your comprehensive, personalised plugin library empowers you to efficiently bring your ideas to life.
  • Responsive Typography Tags No more awkward line breaks and orphaned words. Fine tune your typography to ensure the highest performance on every device and screen size.
  • Plugin Presets Streamline your workflows and work more efficiently. Save configurations of plugins for easy reuse by your whole team.

Automation Seize every opportunity.

Timing is everything. Our automation solution gives you the power to connect with your customers at precisely the right moment to maximise engagement and conversions. Prompt and guide important user flows during each stage of the customer lifecycle. Deliver targeted experiences in response to customer actions, or to groups of customers based on anything from their location to what they’ve purchased. And easily embed outside of Framewürk to put automations to use in all your channels.

Key features:

  • Actions Manager Control exactly what happens when a user satisfies an automation's targeting criteria.
  • Audience Classifications Use Framewürk's default classifications to target specific audience segments, or define your own.
  • Rules Manager Effectively target your users by configuring your automation's rules at a granular level.
  • Intelligent Publishing Scheduler Set automations to start and end at specific times.

Personalisation Speak their language.

Customers expect personalisation. Framewürk exceeds their expectations. Go far beyond just adding their name. Update text, videos, images and products based on customer attributes, preferences and behaviour — where they’re located, what they’ve purchased and much more. Our tagging technology gives you the flexibility and freedom to apply personalisation to a few select aspects of an experience, or right across the board. And our API makes integrating real-time data a breeze.

Key features:

  • Tags Deliver deeper personalisation. Target the content of an experience, such as text, images and videos, to specific users.
  • API Effortlessly integrate Framewürk with your systems and tools and enrich your customer experiences with real-time data.
  • Integrated Editor Framewürk’s next-generation editor makes it fast and easy to personalise your experiences, whatever their scale or ambition.

Segmentation Divide and conquer.

Framewürk takes segmentation to a whole new level. If our helpful presets aren’t quite right, you have complete freedom to define your own audience segments. So you can effectively target your customers whether it’s by what lifecycle stage they’re at, or based on their behaviours captured through events and actions they’ve taken in the past. And it works both ways. By enriching customer profiles with custom attributes, you get more precise and relevant segmentation that increases engagement.

Normal users Loyal subscribers

Key features:

  • Audience Presets Utilise Framewürk’s helpful audience presets mapped to widely used stages of the customer lifecycle, or define your own.
  • Segment Builder Improve relevancy with Framewürk’s segment builder and deploy more effective personalised experiences faster.

Integrations A natural networker.

Framewürk’s ability to integrate goes way beyond just passing over user-level data to other systems and tools. We consider it a fundamental requirement to support custom integrations, be it with outdated but still business-critical proprietary systems, or cutting edge third-party platforms. And our service-driven approach ensures custom connections, no matter how complex, can be up and running in the shortest timeframe possible and remain fully supported for as long as they are required.

Key features:

  • Preset Integrations Connect Framewürk with a diverse range of popular third-party collaboration, marketing, sales and payment processing systems and tools.
  • Custom Integrations With Framewürk, compatibility is assured. Connect Framewürk with your proprietary systems and tools and any third-party systems and tools not covered by our preset integrations.

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