Competitions. Tackled.

The challenge

A leading international news publisher needed a new platform to launch a competition microsite for a brand campaign. Their existing competition solution was inadequate, particularly on a branding level.

The solution

Technology and service. Framewürk combines a powerful suite of marketing tools with exceptional service, empowering marketing teams to easily create on-brand experiences.

The benefits

With Framewürk's advanced styling and data capture capabilities, our client could efficiently launch a flawlessly branded competition microsite, free of the inadequacies of their legacy solution.  

The competition mechanic worked really well. Thanks for getting the project completed so efficiently.  

Partnerships Manager

Tackling big projects needs fit for purpose solutions

Rugby is big money and big news. Our client had launched a brand campaign to showcase the breadth and depth of their rugby coverage, and as a part of the campaign wanted to stage a competition offering tickets to the Premiership Rugby Final.

The microsite needed to fulfil a number of requirements. In addition to powering the competition itself, it needed to serve the campaign's television ad, showcase a curated sample of their rugby news coverage, and introduce the impressive team of journalists responsible for the coverage, many of whom were themselves retired rugby players.

As with every premium publication, impeccable branding aligned not only with the master brand but also with the campaign was of paramount importance.

Our client had been using a third-party competition solution that was incapable of delivering the quality demanded by this high profile campaign. Not only was it a costly product that levied extensive lead times; it wasn’t optimised for a range of devices; it didn’t offer anything beyond a basic set of branding controls, and most frustratingly for the client, there was no direct way for them to access the competition entries.

The winning team

Working closely with our client’s campaign team and brand department, and the advertising agency responsible for the overall campaign, we efficiently devised a suitable aesthetic for the microsite that aligned with both the master brand and the campaign’s visual identity. This included an innovative adaptation of some of the campaign’s key visuals to ensure they worked as well in the context of the responsive microsite as they did in the other contexts.

As the overarching objective of the microsite was to facilitate the competition, we used Framewürk’s Forms feature to configure and deploy an intelligent form to harvest the competition entries. As with the rest of the microsite, the design of the form itself was seamlessly aligned with the master brand.

Finally, to complete the microsite experience, we implemented a selection of engaging rugby articles hand-picked to highlight the quality of the coverage as well as appropriately themed responsive banner advertisements promoting an exclusive trial offer.

Effortless conversions

Framewürk helped the marketing team to deliver an eye-catching, premium quality microsite which facilitated a successful competition and helped raise further awareness of their brand campaign and award-winning journalism.

Highlights included:

  • Seamlessly branded, responsive user interface toolkit tailored for all devices
  • Integrated form functionality with data management
  • Multimedia content support including text, videos and podcasts
  • Responsive, targeted banner advertising and in-article messaging
  • Innovative, animated, responsive key visuals

The site design is excellent. Thank you.  

Partnerships Manager

Supercharging subscription growth

Designed for marketing teams, Framewürk combines a marketing platform with exceptional service to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences that supercharge engagement and conversions. Since launching, Framewürk has enabled leading publishers to optimise their customer journey and grow their subscriptions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Framewürk helps organisations to achieve their goals, feel free to get in touch.

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