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The challenge

A leading international news publisher needed a fast and flexible content marketing solution to target international subscribers. They didn’t have a suitable way to publish content beyond their paywall or the internal resources to develop a solution.

The solution

Part software, part service. Framewürk enables publishers to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences, enriched with content, messaging and offers.

The benefits

With Framewürk’s impressive targeting capabilities and marketing features, our client could effectively engage potential subscribers with an enticing content sample interleaved with targeted messaging and offers.

The feedback has been great; everyone is really impressed with Framewürk and the service you've provided.  

Head of Brand Digital Development

Stifled ambitions

The marketing department of a leading UK news publisher needed a fast and flexible solution for content marketing that was free of the technical and practical limitations of their editorial website. They didn’t have a way to publish content beyond their paywall, nor did they have the internal resources to support the development of a solution.

Their primary goal was to target international prospects and convert them into subscribers. Given the sensitive nature of the project, numerous departments needed to be involved as amongst other factors, it required premium content that was usually kept behind the paywall to be made freely available.

Part software, part service

With our background in content marketing and extensive experience working with publishers, we were well placed to understand our client’s challenges, and as a proven content marketing solution, Framewürk was perfectly positioned to satisfy their requirements. 

Branding consistency was paramount to our client’s premium publication. As there was no visual precedent to follow, we started by working closely with the brand department to interpret and apply their brand identity to the envisioned context. We were then able to produce and deploy into Framewürk a personalised user interface toolkit, which ensures every experience is on-brand.

Within our client’s large organisation, the project needed the support of several stakeholders to ensure its success. We were able to support our client by liaising with a range of departments from editorial to technical, expediting the design, development and implementation processes. 

Finally, we provided the marketing team with comprehensive training to ensure they felt confident using Framewürk, and assistance setting up the inaugural campaign to safeguard the launch deadline.

Beautifully branded reader experiences

Framewürk enabled the marketing team to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences, enriched with content, messaging and offers.

Highlights included:

  • Seamlessly branded, responsive UI toolkit tailored for all devices
  • Customisable topics with topic-specific styling
  • Multimedia content support including text, videos and podcasts
  • Intuitive editing controls 
  • Intelligent content sequencing with integrated teasers
  • Responsive, targeted banner advertising and in-article messaging

The Editor is really happy with the outcome.  

Head of Brand Digital Development

Successful campaign launch

Framewürk helped the marketing team effectively target potential subscribers with an enticing, curated, easy to update sample of video, audio and article content interleaved with targeted messaging and offers. The experiences successfully served as the centrepiece of a multichannel marketing campaign, helping our client to exceed their growth targets. 

Supercharging subscription growth

Designed for marketing teams, Framewürk combines a marketing platform with exceptional service to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences that supercharge engagement and conversions. Since launching, Framewürk has enabled leading publishers to optimise their customer journey and grow their subscriptions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Framewürk helps organisations to achieve their goals, feel free to get in touch.

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