Leveraging market expertise

The challenge

A leading international news publisher needed a way to combine tailored creative, messaging and editorial content with trial offers as a part of a subscriber advertising campaign targeting niche interest groups.

The solution

Effortless integration. Framewürk provides publishers with an effective, customisable solution to target potential subscribers.

The benefits

With Framewürk’s advanced paywall and targeting capabilities, our client could satisfy the demands of an ambitious multichannel campaign with targeted creative, messaging and content.

These look amazing and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for your help.  

Head of Marketing Technology

Ambitious plans for a multichannel campaign

Our client needed help implementing an ambitious multichannel campaign targeting a range of interest groups from finance to politics. They wanted to engage potential subscribers through an advertising campaign with the creative tailored to each interest group, which would point to a single dynamic landing page that combined editorial content with messaging, imagery and offers.

They didn’t have an existing way to rapidly produce pages that could satisfy the range of advanced requirements. In addition to this, time limitations made developing a bespoke solution impractical. They also required assistance in coordinating with the external marketing agency responsible for the overall campaign.

A proven mix of technology and service

We started by coordinating with the external agency to establish how the adverts would integrate with the landing page. We then collaborated with our client’s internal design team to devise a seamlessly branded user experience that was optimised for all devices, which we implemented into Framewürk as an extension to their existing user interface toolkit.

Because the landing pages needed to feature a selection of articles relevant to each interest group, we integrated Framewürk with the client’s content API to pull content in real-time, ensuring the news featured on the page was always up-to-date. We also utilised Framewürk’s targeting capabilities to tailor the page messaging and imagery to align with the user’s location. So for example, for users in the political interest group, those in the United States were shown images of the Capitol in Washington, whereas those in England were shown images of the Houses of Parliament in London.

The overarching objective of the campaign was to convert users to trial, so we used Framewürk’s Products feature to configure and deploy a range of dynamic trial offers, which would automatically update to ensure the correct range, pricing and content was displayed based on a user’s location.

Seamless, tailored experiences

Framewürk helped the marketing team deliver an ambitious multichannel campaign without compromise, on-time and on-budget.

Highlights included:

  • Adaptive page behaviour with URL-based triggers
  • Seamlessly branded, responsive user interface toolkit tailored for all devices
  • Dynamic content feeds powered by a custom content API integration
  • Targeted imagery and messaging 
  • Integrated trial offers with dynamic pricing and presentation

Thank you for the lightning-quick delivery!  

Head of Marketing Technology

Supercharging subscription growth

Designed for marketing teams, Framewürk combines a marketing platform with exceptional service to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences that supercharge engagement and conversions. Since launching, Framewürk has enabled leading publishers to optimise their customer journey and grow their subscriptions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Framewürk helps organisations to achieve their goals, feel free to get in touch.

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