Providing stability during disruption

The challenge

A leading international news publisher needed a more effective, efficient and reliable way to target potential subscribers with dynamic, personalised subscription offers. Their existing solution was outdated and unnecessarily complicated to manage.

The solution

Complete control over product pricing and presentation. Framewürk augments existing systems, tools and workflows with a proven mix of technology and service to supercharge subscription growth.

The benefits

With Framewürk’s innovative paywall and integration capabilities, combined with exceptional service, our client significantly simplified campaign management, fast-tracked ongoing improvements, maximised their revenue and exceed their growth targets.

Framewürk effortlessly superseded our legacy setup.  

Head of Marketing Technology

Needing to innovate

With a global subscriber base and ambitious growth targets, our client needed a more effective, efficient and reliable way to target prospects with dynamic, personalised subscription offers. Their existing solution was outdated, overly complicated to manage and inhibiting their ability to innovate.

Service limitations were a key aggravating factor. While the existing provider had a capable technical support team, their ability to customise their solution to support our client’s innovation agenda was extremely limited. In an attempt to circumnavigate these limitations and make progress, our client had been forced to commission several third party suppliers, resulting in significant additional costs.

The existing solution, which had been in use for over 15 years, was integrated with a large number of critical proprietary and third-party systems and tools, many of which were themselves outdated and undocumented. Any replacement solution had to be able to integrate to the same standard, given the systems and tools were essential to the purchasing and fulfilment processes.

Further to this, our client had recently invested a great deal of time and money creating an innovative proprietary front-end technology. The primary goal of it was to help the organisation and its suppliers improve standards, make development faster and enable a more unified styling of customer-facing sites and systems. The existing solution had been unable to make use of this technology, so as with the integrations, the ability to use was a mandatory requirement for any replacement solution.

A seamless transition

Given the highly sensitive commercial nature of the project, any downtime during the switchover would have resulted in significant financial losses, so our approach had to ensure a seamless transition. 

As time was of the essence, we started by consulting with all of the key stakeholders to agree upon an overall approach, alongside conducting a comprehensive analysis of the systems and tools with which Framewürk had to be integrated. We also familiarised ourselves with the client’s proprietary front-end technology to establish how we would incorporate it into Framewürk’s flexible front-end architecture.

Working closely with several internal teams ranging from brand to product, we then devised an entirely new user experience from product selection through to checkout, which was deployed into Framewürk as a personalised user interface toolkit.

Using Framewürk’s Products feature, we re-created all of the existing subscription offers, particularly the pricing and availability logics governing which offers should be displayed to which users, at what price. We were able to expedite this process by using Framewürk’s intelligent import capabilities. This was the primary area where Framewürk was able to simplify and streamline the workflow, making it significantly easier for our client to manage ongoing changes to the pricing and presentation of offers. 

A key component of the launch countdown was the comprehensive due diligence that we conducted on all aspects of the setup to ensure a successful launch. This included comprehensive testing on all targeted browsers and devices, transaction testing, security testing, data testing, user acceptance testing, load testing and automated performance monitoring. 

Finally, we provided the marketing team with comprehensive training to ensure they felt confident using Framewürk, before mapping all the legacy URLs to their corresponding Framewürk equivalent. When the time came to switch over, we implemented the necessary redirects, essentially retiring the old solution.

Unified complexity translating directly into value

Framewürk became an integral part of our client’s subscription infrastructure, fulfilling a range of critical roles and services, including delivering product selection pages, collecting customer data and facilitating payments.

Highlights included:

  • Complete control over subscription offer pricing and presentation
  • Seamlessly branded, responsive user interface toolkit tailored for all devices
  • Integrations with seven proprietary systems, and sixteen third-party systems and tools
  • Real-time performance monitoring and reporting
  • Dedicated 24/7 helpdesk

Framewürk is fast, flexible and fully supported by a team who really understand our needs.  

Head of Marketing Technology

Supercharging subscription growth

Designed for marketing teams, Framewürk combines a marketing platform with exceptional service to deliver beautifully branded, personalised digital experiences that supercharge engagement and conversions. Since launching, Framewürk has enabled leading publishers to optimise their customer journey and grow their subscriptions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Framewürk helps organisations to achieve their goals, feel free to get in touch.

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